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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tax cut = Punch in the gonads

I don't think I have anything to add. just a smile :)

Too bad for hundreds of thousands of Cubans he didn't figure it out sooner...

OH CRAP! Michael Moore, joo got some splainin' to doooooooooo!


Amen brother, Amen.


And Hear, Hear! For this Brother!

as much as I want the Apocalypse to come....

listening to this I am almost ready for them to put Prozac in the water supply!


its like watching a little kid play with matches on a powder Keg!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I got into a discussion with a friend of mine the other day. He supports this health care plan thats before the Senate. (they call it the "public" option when its really the "government" option.)
anyway he began telling me since I'm a Christian I should be for the health plan.
I was taken aback since he is a devout atheist. (Folks seem to love to make you play by your own rules even if they don't know what YOUR rules are.)
I asked him why and he quoted a verse from Mathew about caring for others.
I asked him back:
"OK but is this verse talking about YOU being responsible for others, or having the "state" FORCE you to be caring by forcing you to comply?" he had no answer.
then he began talking about how rich people should pay for others health care and quoted Jesus in reference to rich people and the "Eye of a needle" quote.
I laughed and asked him if Jesus after asking the rich man to give away all his possessions and to follow him, if when the man walked away then Jesus punched him in the face and took his wallet? he didn't answer.
the difference of course being Christians feel compelled to give to others and do so when THEY CHOOSE.
the government FORCING you to be charitable isn't charity at all.


-Wasteland Man.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Guess since I'm getting Hits Better post sumpin'...
Well I guess I'll expound on the Whole .22 Long rifle thing.
.22 Long rifle is the most popular "Rimfire" ammunition. right now even with the panic at the gun stores its still relatively cheap too.
Rimfire ammo cannot easily be reloaded.
and ask around you'll see that just about everyone who owns guns owns at least one .22
therefore as an investment I say buy it store it for a rainy day.
It'll be worth gold if the crap ever hits the fan.


-Wasteland Man.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Beer Pong.

Well I must admit I'm a bit biased being a nondrinker, And was perpetual designated driver because of it. Glamorizing college style alcohol over consumption, and then marketing it to kids as young as 13 is still wrong. Being the designated driver I got to see some really stupid stuff, and this is just sensationalizing what you wont remember the day after.

Belly laugh of the day!

JV Games Vice President Jag Jaeger informed Blumenthal last month that the company is renaming the game "Pong Toss" and eliminating all references to alcohol.

Including his name? LMAO!

-Wasteland Man.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Yeah baby!


Find Ultrasound technician training near you

er... Or maybe this is just wrong...


Looking for xray tech schools?

er... Or maybe this is just soooo Right...

-Wasteland Man.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007



I been telling buddies of mine about this for YEARS!


Ahhh bein' right feels so good sometimes.


-Wasteland Man.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Tommorrow's the Day Folks

Put your flags up!
(Half Staff please)

Memorial Day.

Remembering those who made all this possible.

Thank you, Men and Women who serve!

-Wasteland Man.

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